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Empathy and Sentiment in Strategic Games



empathy morale strategic interaction sticky wages


  • HS4_8: Behavioral economics, consumption and consumer behavior, marketing
  • HS4_2: Microeconomics, institutional economics


HS4 - Individuals, institutions, markets: economics, finance, management, demography, social and economic geography, urban studies

Host institution :

Fundacja Adeptów i Miłośników Ekonomii (FAME)

woj. mazowieckie

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Principal investigator (from the host institution):

dr Marek Weretka 

Number of co-investigators in the project: 4

Call: OPUS 17 - announced on 2019-03-15

Amount awarded: 396 500 PLN

Project start date (Y-m-d): 2020-01-31

Project end date (Y-m-d): 2023-01-30

Project duration:: 36 months (the same as in the proposal)

Project status: Pending project

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